18 Apr 2014 16:39 BST

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Division 1
PT// 27.00
ᵔ.ᵔ 22.50
-chess- 22.50
w/ 12.00
Division 2
S9S 24.00
[T-A!] 21.00
[upp] 15.00
goalstar 15.00
Division 3
UAP 28.50
/gE/ 25.50
ASP 18.00
Week 5 (31st March 2014)
koth_coalplant_b7 cp_croissant_final

06 April 2014

9v9 - End of Season

posted by b0nes @ 06:40 PM BST Theres not many games left to play and we have decided a final date of Thur 17th March to have results in by. Any unscheduled games by Friday 11th will be given default dates. Contact an admin if theres a problem.

08 March 2014

9v9 - How to Score

posted by b0nes @ 09:51 PM GMT What I wrote before was incorrect, please follow this.

• Each match is played either best of 3 rounds or over 2 maps and the result is worked out per map
• For stopwatch maps (pl & steel):
○ If one team wins the first 2 rounds then submit the score as 1-0 1-0
○ If it goes to 3 rounds and the score is 2-1 then submit the scores as 1-1 1-0
• For koth maps score as the result
• For 5cp maps score as the result
• On 5cp and koth maps teams get 3 points for a win, and 1.5 points each for a tie
• On pl & avd maps teams who win over 2 rounds will get 6pts, teams who win over 3 rounds will get 4.5 with the looser getting 1.5

06 March 2014

9v9 - Wildcards

posted by b0nes @ 11:11 PM GMT They were broke, they are now fixed, sorry for that.

02 March 2014

9v9 - cfg & whitelist

posted by b0nes @ 06:08 PM GMT wp9v9.cfg

24 February 2014

9v9 - S12 Fixtures Up

posted by b0nes @ 09:35 PM GMT Fixtures are generated. We have unfortunately had a few drops and it leaves us 1 team short in div2. If anyone knows of a team who may enjoy the season please point them this way.

Try to have your week 1 game arranged by Monday 3rd.

Many thanks and gl.

22 February 2014

9v9 - Season 12 Provisional Divisions

posted by b0nes @ 09:25 AM GMT As I think we all expected its a really small league now. I hope that wont put teams off finishing it as it will still be decent fun. You can see the provisional divisions here.

There will be 2 wildcards and although we want games arranged and played in their correct weeks we will try and be realistic about scheduling.

We will keep the unlocks the same as etf2l this time to allow some consistency for teams. Configs and whitlists will be made up shortly. Don't forget for cp maps we don't do golden caps so a tie is a tie.

Fixtures will be generated this Monday and week 1 will start on Monday 3rd. Teams can still apply to join league and they will be placed on the waiting list with a very high chance of getting swapped in.

Any problems or questions come find us in #wptf2l.

20 February 2014

9v9 - Season 12 Announcement

posted by b0nes @ 09:43 PM GMT Due to other leagues being run at the same time we will reduce the league to a 5 weeks season consisting of divs of 6 teams. We hope this will help teams be able to compete fully. We will also then after this short league run a full length league shortly afterwards when other leagues are in down time.

As a result we will have to reduce the prize pot to just €100 for div1 winners to allow us to have a solid prize for next time. Div1 winners will also get a server as will 2nd place and other league winners.

The maps we have decided on are:

Week 1 - cp_warmerfront_rc1 & koth_pro_viaduct_rc4
Week 2 - koth_pro_viaduct_rc4 & cp_croissant_final
Week 3 - pl_badwater
Week 4 - cp_warmerfront_rc1 & koth_coalplant_b7
Week 5 - koth_coalplant_b7 & cp_croissant_final

Signups are still open so get involved. Thanks to teams for their many messages of support and disbelief at etf2l.

17 February 2014

9v9 - Season 12 ?

posted by b0nes @ 09:59 PM GMT So now that etf2l have changed their regular patten and opened their season early, it leaves us in a sticky situation. We know we cant compete with them, we've never tried, we have always co-existed by running seasons at alternative times but they have made that impossible now.

Its a real shame as our map pool was so much more interesting than other leagues and would of been a breath of fresh air for many teams.

We have a couple of options for this season, stick as we are, shorten the season or cancel it entirely and run it again as soon as etf2l ends. Id really like teams opinions on this as we run the season for you with your input at its heart.

If you do think we should continue then keep signing up as that would be a good indicator for us too.

15 February 2014

9v9 - S12 Maps

posted by b0nes @ 08:36 AM GMT The map list is starting to take better shape. Im really trying to push for a different map pool this time without it being to much of a nightmare to learn as most, if not all of the maps people will already know.

cp_croissant - been played in previous seasons and a lot of people will know it
cp_warmerfront - most people will know warmfront so will know this
• cp_steel - standard map
• pl_upward or pl_borneo - still need to decide between one of these
• pl_badwater - standard map
koth_coalplant - most people will know ashville so will know this, also being played in ugc
koth_arctic or koth_pro_viaduct

You can comment on the maps & league here or theres a post going on over at etf2l.

08 February 2014

9v9 - Season 12 Signups Open

posted by b0nes @ 12:21 PM GMT Its been a while, so we feel its time for another highlander league. We realise teams timetables are tight but we have waited as long as we can and feel with it only overlapping ugc/etf2l by a couple of weeks teams should have every opportunity to be able to enter.

Signups Open - Now
Signups Close - Friday 21st Feb
Provisional Divisions - Saturday 22nd Feb
Fixtures Generated - Monday 24th Feb
Week 1 Starts - Monday 3rd March

There wont be any playoffs this time, the div1 winner will receive €200 and the 2nd place team a 20 man tf2 server. All other division winners will receive a 20 man server too.

It will be a 7 week season with divs of 8, this does very much rely in decent amount of signups though. I would like to add that we only want stable teams, please don't enter if you cant see out the league season. Drops kill tf2 leagues.

Maps are yet to be decided but we did want to very much use underplayed new or older maps as well as some classics. Here's a very rough draft of what might be included. Please do enter a discussion about maps as we want to get it right.

• cp_steel
• pl_upward or pl_borneo
• pl_badwater
koth_arctic ?

Standard highlander unlocks will apply with over-powered weapons removed, tba.

We are happy to get comments about anything to do with the league or its structure, admins are available in #wptf2l or you can mail me directly here.

Sign up:
Team leaders will need to make sure they are on the 9v9 tab of site and enter the league from the control panel. If you need leaders changed in teams or a tag change then contact an admin. For the league to be a success we need lots of teams to join, so do please spread the word anywhere you can.

Please continue to support Europe's oldest Team Fortress league, many thanks.

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