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League - Match Results

Season 9 - Division 4

ctf_converge_b3 [Mong] 1 - 0 [T-A!]²
koth_pro_viaduct_rc4 [Mong] 1 - 0 [T-A!]²

Result Points Breakdown

[Mong] [T-A!]²
Win 6 pts Win 0 pts
Draw 0 pts Draw 0 pts
Loss 0 pts Loss 0 pts
Bonus 0 pts Bonus 0 pts
Total 6 pts Total 0 pts

Match Report & Comments

Result Submitted on 31/05/2012

[Mong] Match Report by SystematicSlayer
Thanks again for waiting for us while we were waiting for a player. We are very sorry for the delay, unforunately it was outside our control. But really appreciated your patience. Your scout (and pyro!) were excellent flankers and your spy is insane! Great game, hope it was worth the wait
[T-A!]² Match Report by Duckehh
Admin Match Report/Comments
ctf_converge_b3 [Mong] 3 - 2 [T-A!]²
koth_pro_viaduct_rc3 [Mong] 3 - 1 [T-A!]²

Your Comments

RE: vs.   Comment by Duckehh on 31st May 2012 @ 11.39 pm

Yeah good game.

Good thing we're such nice guys, as to wait that long

RE: vs.   Comment by sad-panda on 1st June 2012 @ 12.00 am

yeah good games sorry about the wait. We dont have a very big squad if one player doesnt show up when they say they are throws us into chaos a bit.

RE: vs.   Comment by Russian Guyovich on 1st June 2012 @ 10.54 am

Once again, apologies for the delay

Good luck with the rest of the season!

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