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TYPE: Control Point
A map where trains mean business, literally. The map has an 'S' shaped structure with two rails running through the map, from each teams last point, towards the middle and then back towards the enemies base point. Unlike cp_well, the trains have been extended in size and slowed down, to make them more involved during a battle. The trains are random, and are quite happy to run over or frustrate RED or BLU equally.

The second and fourth point are inside the teams warehouse, slowing down a steamroll and bringing the fight indoors. It breaks the pace and of course, the surrounding environment.

So enjoy this simple and symmetrical control point map with a more involved train system.

Custom models made by "Fish Ladder Theory".

Author: Fishbus
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RE: cp_freight  Comment by Gniedler on 28th April 2010 @ 6.31 am

would be excellent without trains and shorter respawn-times

RE: cp_freight  Comment by V3n0mMm on 14th May 2010 @ 3.20 pm

shitty map

RE: cp_freight_final1  Comment by Tokes on 22nd January 2011 @ 2.47 pm

Awesome map!! Cant get enough!

RE: cp_freight_final1  Comment by Leanne on 25th January 2011 @ 9.02 pm

Haha I love this map! Cant wait.

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