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20 April 2012

9v9 - Our First Highlander Proper

posted by b0nes @ 01:09 AM BST We have changed what was our 7v7 into a 9v9. We hope this will take off and offer the community another nice highlander league to participate in.

For this our first season we will start only opening to euro teams or teams who can play euro times on euro servers. We will think about opening to the world if its a success in future.

All players can have a vote on the maps in this poll. As for weapons, undecided at the moment but likely to be most unlocks allowed except for the very overpowered.

Signups are open, once you have created a team on the 9v9 tab of the site, you can join from your control panel. The 9v9 site uses the same team database as the 7v7 did, so some teams may already be registered. When you do this you will be asked for what div skill you are, from 1-6. The season will most likely be 7 games long.

The deadline to signup will be Friday 4th May, and the league proper will start on Monday 14th. As always admins are available in #wptf2l.

This is our first bash at a 9v9, we hope a lot of teams will join and make it a success.
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RE: 9v9 - Our First Highlander Proper  Comment by Duff Man on 20th April 2012 @ 2.03 pm

no more 6vs6 league?

RE: 9v9 - Our First Highlander Proper  Comment by b0nes on 20th April 2012 @ 3.23 pm

not right now, we will again tho dont panic

RE: 9v9 - Our First Highlander Proper  Comment by -SaF- Prophet on 20th April 2012 @ 5.04 pm

nice! was looking forward for a next season of hl (7v7 or 9v9) on WP league :D

RE: 9v9 - Our First Highlander Proper  Comment by Buttnose on 26th April 2012 @ 2.55 pm

NOOOOOOOO 7V77777777

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