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04 May 2012

9v9 - Signups

posted by b0nes @ 07:17 PM BST This is the last official day for signups. Teams who enter need 9 players by today to 100% be included. However we will still accept signups after this time to the waiting list. Its worth doing if you want to join the league as the likelihood is you will be added.
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RE: 9v9 - Signups  Comment by LowRezz on 5th May 2012 @ 8.20 am

I have 9 players but can i still add subs?

RE: 9v9 - Signups  Comment by mediaboy on 5th May 2012 @ 2.25 pm

^Following on from LowRezz, am I right in presuming that each match requires 9 players of the guys on my roster, not the same nine guys for each match?

RE: 9v9 - Signups  Comment by ChrisJD10 on 5th May 2012 @ 5.20 pm

You can have differant people play as long as they are registered as part of your team, you can't change if the map has started.

RE: 9v9 - Signups  Comment by b0nes on 6th May 2012 @ 5.40 pm

you can add players all through the season, you need 9 per game yes, so 9 is the minimum you need to be included in season

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