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09 May 2012

9v9 - Provisional Divisions

posted by b0nes @ 11:40 AM BST Here. There are several things to note. We have put back to divs of 8 teams making a 7 week season, this had been the original intention and is much better, as a result more maps were added. I hope the inclusion or swiftwater and converge will be a good thing and a nice bit of change.

You may also notice that a couple of the divs only have 7 teams atm, I hope to have these up to 8 by the time we start on Monday. The divs are not split into skills of 1-6, it just wasn't possible with the numbers, but I believe we have grouped similar skilled teams together pretty well. If there is any issue with teams placement please let us know asap, I hope to run fixtures on Thursday.
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RE: 9v9 - Provisional Divisions  Comment by EndersFlame on 10th May 2012 @ 12.10 am

If all the pending kill switch players play, I would say they would be much too strong for their div. Maybe that is just my interpretation. I know nothing!

RE: 9v9 - Provisional Divisions  Comment by LowRezz on 11th May 2012 @ 12.38 pm

Who's server do we use? because in all truth i dont trust myself in setting up a match server.

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