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Competition Rules

9v9 Rules

Admin team

• Head Admin = b0nes (contact)
• Admins = Bury, JvanW, Slicke, Drake, Kalho, Haydn, SuddenlyStarMia
• Find admin in #wptf2l - If you dont have irc use quakenet webchat
• Chat & idle in the league room #wptf2l
• If you need your clan tag or steamid changed contact an admin

9v9 Season 13 Prizes - Servers supplied by Webfusion

• Div 1 winner will receive €100
• Div 1 runner-up will receive a 20 slot tf2 game server
• Div 2-3 winners will get a 20 slot tf2 game server



*** Timezones ***

Its important clan leaders and members alike set their correct timezone.
(Control Panel > Edit Site Profile)
The time you have set can be seen on the top right of site, if you don't change it then default is GMT (uk time).


1 - Entry Conditions
2 - Clan Members
3 - Mercs
4 - Breaking of Member Rules
5 - Scheduling Fixtures
6 - Cancelling Fixtures
7 - Wildcards
8 - Default Dates
9 - Default Wins
10 - Servers & Configs
11 - Maps
12 - Match Conditions
13 - Limits - Classes/Weapons
14 - Scoring
15 - Cheating, Exploits, Scripts, Bugs & Bans
16 - Behaviour
17 - Prizes
18 - Final note

1 - Entry Conditions

• Clans must be European to play in wireplay
• Generally games are started between 20cest-22cest, if you can’t start play at some point between those hours then you should not join leagues
• Clans must have 9 active players signed to them on the league site to gain entry to a league
• WPTF2L does most of its communication on quakenet irc
• Clans will be assigned division placement as fairly as possible, for this admins consider the clans final placements at the end of the previous season and their pre-season form in friendlies and other competitions
• First place guarantees you promotion. Second place generally will to. Finishing last guarantees demotion
• Clans dropping in the first 2 weeks of a season will where possible be replaced by a clan on the waiting list, any played games vs a dropped and replaced clan will need to be replayed. If teams are replaced after week 2, then played games will only be replayed if both teams agree
• Clans dropping or not managing to play all their games by the assigned deadline will be subject to remaining games or all games being defaulted, it depends on the circumstances and how it will effect table (admins discretion)

2 - Clan Members

• It is the players and leaders responsibility to ensure they play within the member rules
• Try and avoid making the entire team leaders, leaders should be classed as leaders on the site, war-arrangers should be made deputies
• All players who want to play for a clan in wptf2l must be registered to that team on the wptf2l site
• A player can only play for one clan
• Clan hopping is forbidden, a player can only have 1 spell at a clan in any given season (ie: a player cannot play 1 game for clan A then leave and join clan B and then join clan A again)
• If a team lower down div add's top players half way through the season to try and 'hijack' the division the team will be removed
• All players must have their SteamID on site and play using that steam account
• Players must be signed up at least 24 hours before the start of a game they wish to play in, if they play and have not passed the 24hours they are seen as a merc
• After or before a game the opposing clan can check on the oppositions team by comparing SteamID's in the game and on the clan members section on the wptf2l site. Proof of misdemeanors & steamids must be made available to admins on complaint (either screenshot or condump of status or log files). If such files are not available to admins we will not be able to look into any allegations
• Log files from a match must be made available to admins on request, if logs are not available clans will be penalized (admin discretion)
• All complaints about players & members must be made within 48hrs of the game ending

3 - Mercs

• We do allow two mercs to play if the other team approve them
• Any merc must be registered on the wptf2l site, with steamid correct
• Any team needing to use a merc must seek approval with the other team to see if they agree, copies of conversations should be recorded in on match pages
• If a clan feels they are being unjustly turned down to use a merc by the other clan, then admin approval can be sought prior to a game in irc

4 – Breaking of Member Rules

• Penalty point for breaking these member rules are as follows:
○ Incorrect or missing SteamID = 0.5pt (per player)
○ Not passed 24hr rule = 1pt (per player)
○ Not signed up at all = 1pt (per player)
○ Fielding a unapproved merc = 1pt (per player)
• Point deductions will not be enforced which would mean a clan takes any less than 0pt from a game
• Points removed from a clan for breaking member rules will be added to the other clan of the offending game, up to a max of 6pts for the entire game

5 – Scheduling Fixtures

• Wireplay fixtures on site are in local timezone, so set the time for games as your local time
• All users requiring a different timezone to the United Kingdom should update their timezone by editing their site profile within the control panel
• Clans will be assigned fixtures and weeks to play them in
• Games should be played during their assigned week
• Fixtures should be arranged in the prior week to the game to maximise the chance of finding a mutually suitable date, communication between clans should be made on steam or irc
• Any notes on a game or copies of relevant convocations from irc/steam should be added to the match page to assist with any admin intervention
• When a fixture date is decided it must be entered & confirmed in the clan cp on the website by both teams
• If clans cannot arrange a game for the correct week then they can play at a later date providing the fixture is scheduled and confirmed on the site within the correct week
• We do not allow games to be played in prior weeks unless agreed to by admin
• If you find the clan you are trying to arrange with impossible to contact or problematic, then admin assistance must be sought
• At the end of the season admins will decide if catch up weeks are required

6 – Cancelling Fixtures

• We want all games to be played in their correct week which runs from Monday to Sunday. But more importantly we want all games to be played
• To cancel and reschedule a match, 24 hours notice must be given to the other clan and the fixture must be edited on the site, if its not done in time it will be locked

7 – Wildcards

• Confirmed fixtures will be locked 24 hours before the game is due to start
• If you cannot play the game as scheduled and the fixture has been locked you can use a wildcard (1 per clan per season)
• A wildcard must be used up to 15 mins after the game was due to start
• You must contact the other team on steam/irc and say that you are using a wildcard and the game is off
• If the fixture is locked but both teams agree to move it to another date, then providing both teams have agreed on the new date/time then an admin can move the fixture without either clan using a wildcard

8 – Default Dates

• If it comes to the Monday at the start of the game week and a fixture date/time is not confirmed on the site then a default date will be given
• If one team has noted a date they would like to play on the match page and it seems suitable to admin then that date may well be used as default, if not then its likely a Thursday or Sunday will be used
• When a wildcard has been used in the last 7 days or the team is a replacement just in, if those are the case default date deadlines will be extended by 1 week

9 - Default Wins

• If a clan doesn't show at the scheduled time admins can strongly consider giving a default
• A default win cannot be obtained if the fixture does not appear on the schedule page
• All defaults are at admins discretion so if you feel you have a case please contact us asap, If it is left longer than 48 hours after the game was due to be played default claims will be ignored
• Default win points will be 3 per map. The losing clan will score 0

10 - Servers & Configs

• Clan leaders will need to decide on a server for the match, if an agreement of one server for the entire match cannot be reached, then teams can play 1 map on the server of their choice each (if a server is deemed by admins unplayable for one clan a neutral server must be found)
• Wireplay has a server it can lend out for those in need, it is located in the UK, seek rcon from irc in advance
• Servers must be based in Europe and be of playable condition, with minimal ping and packet loss for all players
• Problems with servers must be bought up in prematch
• The net_status command should report a package flow of 30 packages per second for the server to be regarded playable. At least 4 players in the clan complaining should prove bad package flow for the server to be regarded unplayable
• Servers must have an up-to-date wp9v9.cfg
• The correct config file must be executed for each map:
○ For pl & attack/defend stopwatch maps exec wp9v9sw.cfg
○ For ctf maps exec wp9v9ctf.cfg
○ For koth maps exec wp9v9koth.cfg
○ For 5 point cp maps exec wp9v9cp.cfg

11 – Maps

• Maps are to played in the order they appear on the fixtures page
• If clans cant decide who should attack and defend first, an admin can be seen in irc and they will toss a coin to decide
• All PL maps are to be played best of 3 rounds on stopwatch
• cp_steel is played best of 3 on stopwatch
• KOTH maps are to be winlimit 3
• CTF maps are to be played winlimit 5, timelimit 30
• 5 point CP maps are to be played winlimit 5, timelimit 30 (ties are allowed on 5cp maps)

12 - Match Conditions

• Maps are to played in the order they appear on the fixtures page
• Server admins must wait for both clans players to be on the server before a match can begin. If a clan is still short on players after 15mins the game must either start with the players they have or a reschedule can be done
• Clans are allowed 5 mins break between maps if they need to swap players or reboot pc's. If it takes longer than 5 mins the map must start with the players they have
• If on the night of a game or during a game there are considerable problems with valve and/or steam causing too many issues to one or both clans, then the game can be rescheduled without repercussions for either clan. An admin must agree this
• No spectators are allowed on the server except for wptf2l admins and SourceTV with the setting 'tv_delay 90' (or more)
• Clans can sub players at any time during a game providing there is no more than 9 clan members in the server at any one time
• We require server admin to stv demo every league game and have the demo available to admin for up to 2 weeks after the game
• Players must also record pov demos that should be given to admin on request up to 2 weeks after a game
• Each team is allowed 1 pause per map, but only allowed either between rounds, or when a player is physically removed by the server because they timed out

13 - Limits - Classes/Weapons

• It is both clans responsibility to ensure the correct cfg is executed before the each map and therefore the whitelist also executed

• Blocked weapons for Scout
○ Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol
○ Baby Face’s Blaster
○ The Crit-A-Cola
• Blocked weapons for Pyro
○ Phlogistinator
• Blocked weapons for Heavy
○ Holiday Punch
• Blocked weapons for Engineer
○ The Short Circuit
○ Pomson 6000
• Blocked weapons for Medic
○ Vita-Saw
• Blocked weapons for Sniper
○ Cleaner's Carbine
○ Darwin's Danger Shield
• Blocked weapons for Spy
○ The Diamondback
○ Enforcer
○ Red-Tape Recorder
• Misc
○ The Jingle Belt
○ The Bootie Time
○ High Five Taunt
○ The Reserve Shooter

14 - Scoring

• Each match is played either best of 3 rounds or over 2 maps and the result is worked out per map
• For stopwatch maps (pl & steel):
○ If one team wins the first 2 rounds then submit the score as 1-0 1-0
○ If it goes to 3 rounds and the score is 2-1 then submit the scores as 1-1 1-0
• For koth maps score as the result
• For 5cp maps score as the result
• On 5cp and koth maps teams get 3 points for a win, and 1.5 points each for a tie
• On pl & avd maps teams who win over 2 rounds will get 6pts, teams who win over 3 rounds will get 4.5 with the looser getting 1.5

15 - Cheating, Exploits, Scripts, Bugs & Bans

• We require server admin to stv demo every league game and have the demo available to admin for up to 2 weeks after the game
• Players must also record pov demos that should be given to admin on request up to 2 weeks after a game
• Players who are currently serving bans for hax on other leagues but not at wireplay will be required to upload their pov demo after every game and post a link to it on the match page
• Aimbots, wall-hax and any other form of hax are all banable offense, not only from wptf2l but also wireplay public server and probably other competitions
• All bans will be done 'in house' by wptf2 admins
• Public server bans carry to league and vice-versa
• Servers must be VAC secured for all wptf2l games
• If you really suspect a player of hacks, you can either request the demo yourself, watch it and decide if it needs to be escalated to admin, or you can request admins do it for you, be aware our time is limited so please no time wasters
• Cheating players details will be shared with other TF2 leagues and organisations
• If a player is found to cheat in a league game they will receive a 6 month ban for a first offense and a 1 year ban for a second offense, third time is permanent
• We do not ban people who have allegedly cheated in other leagues and pcw's, only wireplay servers & league games, this is because other leagues do not share their ban intel with us, and it would be foolhardy to ban on just hearsay
• If a script is a straight forward shortcut/replacement for something that can be easily reproducible by hand using a standard keyboard/mouse then it is allowed. If the script performs a function not possible with standard controls then it would be deemed illegal

16 - Behaviour

• Use of global chat (mm1) during games to abuse the opposition or any admin is not permitted. Excessive use of mm1 can be reported to admin after game and that player & clan may get penalized (admin discretion)
• Abuse to a member of the wptf2l team during a game, on irc or the forums is not acceptable. Clans and their members causing problems will not be tolerated and in some circumstances a league and/or public ban on any offenders could be implemented
• Any discrimination during a game or on IRC or the forums will receive a permanent ban
• Ultimately we run this league for a fun, we don’t make money and it takes a lot of time, if your team wants to piss us about then we will have no hesitation to remove and blacklist your team from anything we do

17 - Prizes

• We want clans to use the servers they win, if you win and you feel its useless for your clan, we can pass it to the next clan who would need it.
• We are happy to discuss changes to slots and uses for a server if a clan would like.
• Servers must always retain the branding 'Wireplay.co.uk TF2'
• Servers cannot be used in any way for cash profit
• We retain the right to remove servers at any time without warning

18 - Final note

We reserve the right to change any rules at any time without notice.
Admins decision is always final. Sometimes situations will crop up that are not covered in the league rules, at these times the admins will decide on what action to take.
We do our best to run a fair and fun league, if you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to come speak to an admin on #wptf2l

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